Carmine based dyes for cooked sausages and weenies, semi smoked sausages and weenies. Blood hemoglobin based dyes for hot smoked products, cold smoked products and sausages. Dyes to provide an intense smoking colour to hot smoked products: Cherry or Caramel

Fibres are a wholly natural product which is a part of healthy nutrition and has an exceptional functionality in the food production industry. The fibres will make your product more modern. Depending on the purity of the fibres and the length of strings, they can absorb between 600% of 1400% of water.

Freshness preserving agents. Ensured bacteriostaticity by prevention of the development of bacteria and microorganisms. Stabilisation of meat
pH level during long storage periods. Special combination of components for synergy effect.

This is powdered polisaccharide, which is produced from vegetable starch. Maltodextrin is used as thickener, which improves texture and properties of taste.

Animal proteins are high quality proteins of animal origin. We can offer full functional pork collagen proteins. Ideal for high quality sort products, they increase the total amount of proteins in the product, give the product a harder consistency, and protect against losing of moisture when storing in vacuum.

We offer modified corn starch E1422. Advantages: twice less the application rate of ordinary starch, reduces the release of free water in the vacuum pack, improves the appearance of the cut surface throughout the shelf life, reduces the drying process of the cut surface.