About Us

OQEMA UAB (formerly Overlack UAB) is one of the leading distributors of chemicals, food additives and technologies in the Baltic region. 2003 started its activity as a Lithuanian capital company UAB Eurochemas in 2006 merged with Overlack and then with the OQEMA group of companies.

Despite significant manifestations of the economic and financial crisis in the Baltic region, the OQEMA Group invested decisively in the creation of a logistics center in the old age of Kazlu Ruda, transforming the ruins of a former Soviet military base into a modern logistics center. 2010 In the summer of 2006, UAB OQEMA opened reconstructed and modernly equipped warehouses, from which it distributes raw materials and solutions to companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation.

The OQEMA Group currently operates in 21 countries and serves clients from 45 logistics centers. The company annually expands its activities both by increasing sales in existing companies and by acquiring and integrating new companies. The group of companies employs over 1200 people. OQEMA’s clients are more than 18,000 companies in Europe. The group of companies offers a dynamically developing assortment of more than 15,000 items.

The OQEMA Group has its own unique value system that facilitates cooperation with both suppliers and customers.

OQEMA laboratory

The Oqema Group is strengthening its service offering with a new laboratory for product development in Cologne. The state-of-the-art laboratory is focused on the existing surface technology business in Germany, whilst also developing the business further in industrial applications, with an initial focus on paints and coatings, construction and lubricants business across the European Oqema Group.

Customers benefit from a wide range of services relating to product development and application. The company will assist customers and suppliers with technical support and develop new products according to the individual requirements of the customers. James Berwick, Group Director Specialities: ‘The new Oqema laboratory and competence centre in Cologne will enhance the ability of the European specialities business to refine further our customer and supplier propositions.’ The large competence centre for training and conferences is attached to the laboratory.

Winfried Plitzko, Managing Director of Oqema Cologne, is pleased about the new opportunities the location offers to customers and suppliers: ‘Our focus is the development of effective and innovative products that fit the needs of our customers. The new competence centre gives us the opportunity to collaborate even more closely with our customers and suppliers: it is designed for customer seminars and supplier workshops with practical application demonstrations, as well as training for our employees.’

OQEMA values


We go the extra mile

We put in extra effort and dedication to ensure the success of our customers, partners, team and company.


We embrace diversity

We appreciate our differences. We treat each other with respect and are open to other opinions, cultures and experiences; learning from them.


We dare to be different

We encourage us and others to take a path away from the beaten track and to explore new approaches.


We are one OQEMA

We care for each other like a family and follow a common goal as a pan-European group.


We play to win

We strive to win, as a team and individually. We see defeat as an opportunity to learn and develop. We want to move forward, to innovate, to improve.


We walk our talk

We do what we say and say what we think. We are trustworthy, reliable, open and fair.

If your values are the same as ours, you are curious, communicative and want to improve your skills, you want to reach goals, send us your CV and a letter of motivation!

    OQEMA clients

    The clients of OQEMA are food industry (meat, bakery and confectionery, milk, brewing) and chemical industry (cosmetics and household chemicals, rubber and plastic, paints, lacquers, construction materials, printing, leather, textile) companies. Our suppliers are famous and well-known manufacturers of the chemical and food raw materials in Europe and all over the world. The raw materials delivered to the clients can be of various sizes, delivered in the packages corresponding to the expectations of the companies. On the client request, the raw materials can be delivered in returnable containers. The clients are delighted with the flexible pricing; are provided acceptable terms of paying for the clients. If the client requested raw materials there is no in our warehouses, we can deliver them from any warehouse of the Oqema group in Europe or Asia.

    OQEMA team

    The team of OQEMA is young, educated and active. The managers not only organize the selling activity, but also provide know-how suggestions, formulate recipes, organize consultative meetings and seminars with technologists of the companies manufacturing the raw materials. It sounds too good to be true? You’d like to get not only raw materials, but also technological help? Contact us and we will give you useful advice!