Plastic materials

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High-density polyethylene it is a lightweight plastic, strong and resistant to various chemicals. Main applications: plastic bottles, food containers, corrosion-resistant pipes, flexible packaging, various technical details.

Low density polyethylene is very flexible material especially suitable for the production of various films, shopping bags, pipes, cable covers, containers, surface coating (lamination).

Linear low density polyethylene it is a strong and elastic plastic with good chemical resistance. It is often used in blends with low density polyethylene (LDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE), in the production of thin films, multilayer packaging, various containers.

Polypropylene is a rigid plastic resistant to aggressive chemicals with good mechanical and dielectric properties. Polypropylenes are divided into homopolymers (PPH) and copolymers (PPC). The copolymers are divided into high-transparency Random and impact-resistant Block. Typical applications: tapes, tubes, sheets, profiles, packaging films, toys, containers, household products, car parts and components, bottles and cosmetic packaging.

Polivinilchlorido derva plačiai naudojama grindų ir sienų dangos gamyboje, automobilių pramonėje, tentų, sandariklių, namų apyvokos daiktų gamyboje, elektrotechnikoje.