Dryied and cold smoked sausages

Flavouring substances and spices are one of the most important and specific food additives. We represent Gernamy’s „Scheid AG & Co KG“ and Poland’s „LibraPoland“ who produce flavouring substances and spices. We offer: flavouring substances (flavours), mixes of spices and herbs, functional spice mixes with GDL or sugars.

Carmine based dyes for cooked sausages and weenies, semi smoked sausages and weenies. Blood hemoglobin based dyes for hot smoked products, cold smoked products and sausages. Dyes to provide an intense smoking colour to hot smoked products: Cherry or Caramel

Fibres are a wholly natural product which is a part of healthy nutrition and has an exceptional functionality in the food production industry. The fibres will make your product more modern. Depending on the purity of the fibres and the length of strings, they can absorb between 600% of 1400% of water.

Milk powder is dried natural milk or its fractions. We offer skimmed milk powder, whey powder, whey concentrates WPC80, milky powder.

Clear emulsion based on a special oil. Oil protective emulsion is for cold smoked and dried products, sausages in natural casing, Kabanosy type sausages without casing. Protects products from external mold, reduces weight loss.

Forms a transparent, glossy film which gives an attractive shine to the product’s surface and intensifies natural colours. Protects against formation of mould and bacteria very well

BEECH, BEECH-ALDER WOOD CHIPS FOR MEAT, MILK AND FISH INDUSTRIES. These are intended for smoking of various food products (meat, cheeses, fish, etc.). Smoking using beech wood chips gives a golden hue and a nice smoky flavour to the products. The components of smoke act as preservatives.